Ardab Mutiyaran Quiz! If you can’t score 12/12 Sonam Bajwa is coming after you!

Ardab Mutiyaran was a film that proved it is only the content that people like. This was indeed a female-centric film with a great star cast which did really well. This film was a complete package of quality content, music, cast, story, and everything. And if you’re a Sonam Bajwa fan, then you must have watched this film, and you’re the one who can possibly score full marks here. Here is a quiz to test your memory about Ardab Mutiyaran.

Play this quiz and let us know what is the highest you scored?

  • Question of

    Ninja te Sonam jis company ch kamm karde ne ohda naam ki ae ?

    • Chadha finance
    • Bhalla finance
    • Bajwa finance
    • Ramgarhiya finance
  • Question of

    Ninja kede department da head c ?

    • Sales
    • Recovery
    • HR
    • Marketing
  • Question of

    Shruti kede collage di topper dasdi ae apne aap nu ?

    • Indian school of business
    • Xavier Institute of Management
    • Symbiosis Institute of Business Management
    • IMS Ghaziabad
  • Question of

    “Mere kol rashan card, voter card, adhar card sara kuch ae, tusi mainu tankhah ni time di dinde!” Kida dialogue ae ?

    • Sonam Bajwa
    • Bn sharma
    • Ninja
    • Upasana Singh
  • Question of

    Ninja da film wich naam ki ae ?

    • Sachin ahuja
    • Pankaj ahuja
    • Vinay ahuja
    • Vicky ahuja
  • Question of

    Babbu de husband di dukaan da naam ki c ?

    • Sindhi sweets
    • Bansal sweets
    • Gopal sweets
    • Chandigarh sweets
  • Question of

    Vicky te shruti di marriage kedi hundi?

    • Love marriage
    • Arranged marriage
    • Contract marriage
  • Question of

    Vicky di suhaagrat nu bed te kede phull c ?

    • Gulaab
    • Genda
    • Surajmukhi
    • Orchids
  • Question of

    Vadhai len waleyan nu bhabhiyan ki dindiyan ne ?

    • Sonam de gharon aaye suit
    • Sonam de gehne
    • 52000 rs
    • Galaan
  • Question of

    Sonam diyan bhabhiyan kis ch paake baabe di dawai khwondi ne ?

    • Chaa
    • Kheer
    • Daal
    • Sabzi
  • Question of

    Shruti padhai karan lai kedi country jaa rahi c?

    • England
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • America
  • Question of

    Ardab mutiyaran film wich 7 track c, music director kinne c ?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 7

Can you Guess all the movies, from these famous dialogues!

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