Take This ‘Honsla Rakh’ Quiz And You Might Qualify To Get A ‘Nawi Mummy’

Honsla Rakh has been one of the richest movies of all time at the box office. Not only being at the Top in Punjab but it also went on to receive a position in the Top 10 Indian Movies In Canada.

Where we saw obvious amazing characters of Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa and Shehnaaz Gill, Shinda Grewal too did not disappoint us, but he portrayed the character of Honsla very incredibly and received an applause for it.

If you are a Punjabi movie lover then this film is sure to be in your watchlist. This Amarjit Singh Saron directed film was a full-pack entertainer and is a very well celebrated movie till date. If you are among the ones who have kept this film secure in their favourite movie list then we are very sure that this quiz is for you.

If you consider yourself as the biggest admirer of Diljit Dosanjh, Shehnaaz Gill & Sonam Bajwa and of course ‘Honsla Rakh’ then this fun quiz is just for you. Without losing ‘Honsla’ and panicking, play and score well in this ‘Honsla Rakh’ quiz.

  • Question of

    What does Yanky aka Diljit Dosanjh ask Honsla to call him at public places?

    • Father
    • Uncle
    • Brother
    • Step Father
  • Question of

    What was Jasmin’s profession?

    • Yoga Teacher
    • Teacher
    • Fashion Designer
    • Astronaut
  • Question of

    Yanky asked for a favour from the people at the airport, what was it?

    • To Take Care Of His Son
    • iPhone Charger
    • A pair Of Socks
    • Tissue Paper
  • Question of

    Complete the dialogue, ‘Mai Baalti Bhar Ke Rakhda Paani Di?’ ‘Mai ……… Aa Jehri Baalti Ch Paani Peeyungi!’

    • Majh
    • Gaa
    • Dangar
    • Bhains
  • Question of

    Where did Honsla and Yanky sighted Jasmin for the first time?

    • At The Restaurant
    • At The Gas Station
    • In A Toddler’s Shop
    • At The Airport
  • Question of

    Why wasn’t Honsla ready to go to school?

    • He Had Stomach Ache
    • He Wanted To Meet His ‘New’ Mother
    • He Wanted To Chat With Jasmin
    • He Wanted To Go To The Basketball Classes
  • Question of

    Where did Honsla and Yanky decide to follow Jasmine at?

    • Stanling Park
    • Stanley Park
    • Stylish Singh Restaurant
    • At A Yoga Center
  • Question of

    What was the full name of Yanky in Honsla Rakh?

    • Yadwinder Singh Waraich
    • Balwinder Singh
    • Barinder Singh
    • Waryam Singh Waraich
  • Question of

    What was the ‘Baby Shower’ song in the movie?

    • Chanel No 5
    • Guitar
    • Saroor
    • Lalkaare
  • Question of

    What was the name of Yanky’s owned restaurant?

    • Happy Singh Street Eats
    • Happy Singh Indian Cuisine
    • Yanky Singh Street Eats
    • Honsla Street Eats
  • Question of

    When did Jasmin get to know about Honsla and Yanky’s relationship?

    • Yanky Told It Himself
    • Jasmin Met Sweety And She Told Her
    • She Visited Their House And Got To Know
    • She Visited Honsla’s School And Got To Know
  • Question of

    What lie did Honsla tell to Jasmin when she asked about his mother?

    • ‘She Is No More’
    • ‘My Parents Are Divorced’
    • ‘My Mother Died In A Rocket Crash’
    • ‘She Had Cancer’
  • Question of

    Where did Sweety hide when Jasmin entered Yanky’s room?

    • Bathroom
    • Behind The Sofa
    • Cupboard
    • Under The Sofa
  • Question of

    Why did Sweety come to his ex-husband’s wedding?

    • To Congratulate Him
    • She Wanted To Take Honsla With Her
    • To Tell The Truth To Jasmin’s Family
    • She Wanted To Patch Up With Him
  • Question of

    Honsla Rakh Is Shehnaaz Gill’s first movie.

    • Yes
    • No

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