Prove Your Love For Parmish Verma By Scoring 15/15 In This Quiz

Parmish Verma undoubtedly is one of the most favorite celebrities of the youngsters. Whether it’s his beard style or his songs, he stays popular among the youth.

But we wonder who are the top fans of Parmish Verma. Take this quiz and let us know if you can score a complete 15/15 in this test.

This quiz is in collaboration with Vidushi Tomar

  • Question of

    What is the name of Parmish’s pet?

    • Simmba
    • Baaghi
    • Jerry
    • Aladin
  • Question of

    Breed of Parmish’s dog?

    • Labrador
    • American Husky
    • Siberian Husky
    • Pitbull
  • Question of

    His most viewed song on Youtube?

    • Sab Fade Jange
    • Shada
    • Le Chakk Mai Aa Gya
    • Gaal Ni Kadni
  • Question of

    Which of his music videos got released on his Birthday in 2020?

    • Munde Pind De
    • Rondi
    • Aam Jehe Munde
    • Jab Hum Padheya Krte The
  • Question of

    Name of Parmish’s character in his debut movie ‘Rocky Mental’?

    • Raman Singh Dhillon
    • Arshpreet Singh Dhaliwal
    • Rajdeep Singh Dhaliwal
    • Maninder Singh
  • Question of

    What was his first ever acting project?

    • Rangeelay
    • Punjab Bolda
    • Haani
    • Naughty Jatts
  • Question of

    His first project with the music director, ‘Yeah Proof’?

    • Rondi
    • Chal Oye
    • Neat
    • Shadgi
  • Question of

    Which of his 4 movies is on OTT Platforms?

    • Dil Diyan Gallan
    • Rocky Mental
    • Singham
    • Jinde Meriye
  • Question of

    Which luxurious cars does he own?

    • G-Wagon, Audi
    • G-Wagon, BMW
    • G-Wagon, Porsche
    • Mercedes CLA, Lamborghini
  • Question of

    What does he prefer to wear?

    • Blazer & Trouser
    • Funky Outfits
    • Track Pants & T-shirts
    • Vest & Shorts
  • Question of

    Which country did he go during the initial days of his student life?

    • Canada
    • Australia
    • USA
    • UK
  • Question of

    Parmish’s father was a professor and a writer. What’s his name?

    • Dr. Raman Verma
    • Dr. Parminder Verma
    • Dr. Sukhminder Verma
    • Dr. Satish Verma
  • Question of

    Which famous clothing brand does Parmish Verma promote?

    • Pepe Jeans
    • Nokwal
    • Jack & Jones
    • Levi’s
  • Question of

    Which actress or fitness model is he obsessed with other than Parineeti Chopra?

    • Shilpa Shetty
    • Bani J
    • Disha Patani
    • Malaika Arora
  • Question of

    On what special occasion did Parmish buy his pet dog?

    • Mother’s Birthday
    • Friend’s Marriage
    • Parents Anniversary
    • Brother’s Birthday

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