Take This Quiz Of AP Dhillon Songs And Score Well, We Don’t Need Any ‘Excuses’

The Indian sensation! AP Dhillon can undoubtedly be called as one. AP and his mates, Gurinder Gill & Shinda Kahlon aka Brown Munde have taken over Punjabi music and are making the entire country groove with their sensational songs. 

Delivering back to back hits, both as singles and as albums, is what they are meant to do.  They are not behind in making Punjabi music shine in the entire world and this can be believed without any shadow of uncertainty. 

Not just us, but you might be a great fan of AP Dhillon and if not of him then of course of his songs. Well, we can identify your love for his songs already. So, just take this quiz and identify it on your own. 

Play this quiz and complete or guess the lyrics of AP Dhillon’s songs.

  • Question of


    • Todd Ke Moti Phull’an De Us Mehal Ch Boota Laaya Si
    • Todd Ke Heere Phull’an Cho Us Mehal Ch Boota Laaya Ni
  • Question of


    • Nazar Bhavein Laggje Duniya Di, Tu Kuch Na Keh
    • Nazar Na Laggje Duniya Di, Mere Kole Beh
  • Question of


    • Gedi Sidhi
    • Gedi Sutti
  • Question of


    • Tere Naal Saukha Katta Pal Balliye
    • Tere Bina Aukha Katta Pal Balliye
  • Question of


    • Ankh Aali Ghoor Na Kise Di Jhallde
    • Booriy’an De Makhan Te Rahe Pallde
  • Question of


    • Top De Record’an Vich Wajjuga Naa Mera Billo
    • Tod De Record’an Vich Challuga Naa Mera
  • Question of


    • Maut De Saudagar’an Da Fadi Baithi Hatth
    • Maut De Saudagar’an Di Maar Chaddi Matt
  • Question of


    • Dili Jazbaat Hun Kinjh Dass Dabbiye
    • Dil De Jazbaat Dass Kiven Hun Dabbiye
  • Question of


    • Maade Shehar’an Aala Taara Aapa Pairi Rolli’da
    • Maade Ilaake Aala Taara Assi Pairi Rolli’da
  • Question of


    • Dard’an De Khoo Ch Fassge, Kedi Bhala Paudi Chadhiye
    • Dukh’an De Khoo E Fassge, Kedi Dass Paidi Chadhiye

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