The Ultimate Quiz For The Family Man 2 Fans. This Is Super Amazing But Not Easy!

Do you think you have watched The Family Man 2 and are familiar with every detail? This quiz is probably for you then. 

Have you watched season 2 of The Family Man or binge-watched it just like us? No matter what your answer is. If you have watched it already and are currently in love with it, this quiz is just for you.

This The Family Man 2 quiz for the ultimate fans of the series who didn’t miss any small detail of it. This quiz will be amazing and extremely entertaining but won’t be as easy as you think.

  • Question of

    Which newspaper was the person reading in the opening scene of the series?

    • Lanka Times
    • Lanka Mirror
    • Lankadipa
    • Lakbima
  • Question of

    What was Subbu’s full name?

    • Subramaniam Dharamraj
    • Saravanana Dharamraj
    • Subramaniam Palanivel
    • Subbu Muthu Swami
  • Question of

    Where do cops find Subbu?

    • In a mall in Chennai
    • In a house in Chennai
    • In a shop in Thiruvananthapuram
    • In a cinema hall
  • Question of

    Which book did that lady give to Srikant & Suchi at Counsellor’s place?

    • Let’s talk about Sex
    • Let’s talk about Intimacy
    • Let’s talk about family planning, Baby
    • Let’s talk about Sex & Love, Baby!
  • Question of

    Who says, ‘Don’t be a minimum guy’?

    • Suchi’s counsellor
    • Srikant’s Boss
    • JK Talpade
    • Milind
  • Question of

    Subbu died because Sajid exploded a bomb?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Where did Rajelakshmi used to work?

    • Balraj Spinning Mills Ltd.
    • Jebaraj Spinning Mills Ltd.
    • TASC
    • NIA
  • Question of

    What is the full form of TASC?

    • Threat Analysis and Safer Communities
    • Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell
    • Threat Analysis and Sexual Cases
  • Question of

    What was the base where they were planning the mission?

    • Tigris Aviation School
    • Tiger Aviation Flying School
    • Tiger Aeronautics School
    • Tigris Aviation Flying School
  • Question of

    Where did Indian PM meet Sri Lankan counterpart in India?

    • Chennai
    • Bangalore
    • Coaimbatore
    • Kodaikanal
  • Question of

    Where did Suchi’s Boss tell her to go for office work?

    • Australia
    • Dubai
    • Texas
    • London
  • Question of

    Who gives the rebels’s address list?

    • Raji
    • Chellam Sir
    • Bhaskaran
    • Srikant finds it himself
  • Question of

    Why was the local police of Tamil Nadu searching for Raji?

    • She killed Muthu
    • She killed Nanda
    • She was a refugee
    • She escaped from custody
  • Question of

    Who was ‘Local 52’?

    • Bhaskaran
    • Subramaniam Palanivel
    • Selva
    • Jebaraj
  • Question of

    Where did the TASC team catch Raji?

    • At Point Pedro
    • At Jebaraj’s house
    • At Tigris Aviation Flying School
    • In the Spinning Mill
  • Question of

    Which artist from Family Man 2 is no more alive?

    • Abrar Qazi
    • Sundeep Kishan
    • Asif Basra
    • Devadarshani
  • Question of

    Where was Jebaraj’s dead body found?

    • Veeraranyam
    • Pudukkottai
    • Point Pedro
    • Hingurakgoda
  • Question of

    Salman was admitted to hospital and was recovering after Dhriti stabbed him.

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Which song did Srikant ask Atharva to play in the car?

    • Vande Mataram
    • Hum Honge Kamyab
    • Ye Desh Hai Veer Jawano Ka
    • Sare Jahan Se Acha
  • Question of

    Did Raji successfully take off the plane from Kicha Farms?

    • Yes
    • No

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